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Evolved Health is a fully integrated personal training and injury rehab solution based on Osteopathic principles and sports science. The body is not simply muscle and bone.

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personal training

Do you want to have your Salisbury personal trainer exclusive to yourself?

Whilst you enjoy the benefit of not having to wait for any equipment in a busy gym you also have the luxury of not having to share your trainer with anyone else.  We have shower facilities for those who need to head to work or a social engagement.

Semi-Private Personal Training

This is our high end coaching service for people who want their own personalised programme for training and nutrition. You can book training times during the week that suit you and we will customise everything specific to your needs.

We will coach you through your programme over 3 sessions per week in our gym in an environment where up to 3 other people at most will be training at the same time. No guess work, completely bespoke coaching and a highly motivational environment that guarantee’s incredible results.

​Injury Rehabiliation

Evolved Health represents a paradigm shift in the injury rehabilitation field. Our unique approach for resolving pain, injuries and rehabilitation, has helped many people to reach their goals, and get back to the things they love.

From the outset our mission has been to simply offer an alternative to traditional injury rehab approaches, or other common healthcare professions. Utilising cutting-edge assessment and treatment techniques, we have developed a unique system for treating chronic pain and movement dysfunction.

We are the Salisbury pioneers in many of the world’s leading manual therapy and movement techniques, and offer a unique combined approach to helping you. We’ll help you move better, feel better and live a pain-free lifestyle.


Fluid, especially water, is a major element of the fascia. The proper flow of fluid, within an articulation, from one fascia to another and during acute and chronic inflammatory processes is requisite for proper physiological and biomechanical function of a specific fascia, articulation kinetic chain.

Joint pumping helps to create space and flow in the associated joint structures so that musculoskeletal injuries can heal faster and pain can subside, with the added bonus of tissue quality improving to enable better all round performance.

Joint pumping is excellent for either acute or chronic dysfunction in the body.

Massage Therapy

Our sports and remedial massage therapies are useful for professional athletes in their weekly muscle maintenance routine, to resolve injury-related issues or for those simply needing to unwind and de-stress from their busy schedule.

Evolved Health attracts referrals from across Salisbury and the wider region thanks to our outstanding reputation.




ELDOA is a French acronym that translated stands for Stretching in the longitudinal axis to create decoaptation (separation) of the osteo-articular joints. It is a revolutionary rehabilitative technique that involves decompressing and strengthening a targeted joint segment. The technique was developed by world-renowned French Osteopath Dr Guy Voyer.


The ELDOA is an active strengthening technique that uses self-induced global myofascial tension in specific postures. Each posture is linked to a specific joint segment when the lower part of the joint segment is fixated while the upper part is mobilised. There are specific ELDOA exercises for all spinal segments, like L4-L5 for the lower back, the hip joints and the sacroiliac joints. The exercises are precise and very effective. 

Myofascial Stretching

Myofascial stretching uses the Complexity model of fascial anatomy to specifically apply tension to the myofascia. The fascia, or connective tissue, is everywhere in the body binding muscles, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels. Sports injuries often result in the fascia contracting and tightening, leading to pain, inflammation and problems with the impacted area.

Through a combination of stretches, active elongation, correct breathing, focus and other techniques, the fascia can be effectively released to resolve issues around the impacted area. Learning and perfecting these techniques can offer significant relief and long-term benefits for anyone suffering from an existing issue or to help prevent future injury. This technique is often merged with ELDOA classes.

Segmental Strengthening

There are more than 600 muscles in the body. They all need to be prepared by using specific movements to improve training and performance or to achieve a successful rehabilitation from injury. Evolved uses many precise exercises for the beginning, superficial, middle and deeper part of each muscle. Using segmental strengthening techniques we remove the body’s weakest link allowing you to function optimally.

Let us introduce
our team

With years of solid industry experience we know what it takes to win.

We appreciate that one of the biggest challenges to fitness and fat loss is motivation. That's why we always stress the importance of a positive state of mind and help you focus on measurable results.

Matt Chappell

Matt is the founder of Evolved Health. He has created an elite offering in the field of health and performance. Having travelled the world and studied with pioneers of strength & conditioning, personal training, body nutrition and functional medicine.

Matt also studies extensively under pioneering French Osteopath Guy Voyer, learning both somatraining and somatherapy programs. These programs stress that training – whether for performance, rehabilitation or maintenance, must begin with an understanding of how the body moves and operates.

Matt uses Myofascial Stretching, ELDOA and osteo articular joint pumping to help the rehabilitation process, and segmental strengthening to reinforce areas of issue as part of a wider personal training program.

Matt constantly studies to stay up to date with the latest and most effective training protocols and exercises.

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Charlie Blake

Charlie has advanced knowledge in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, reducing joint and muscular pain and improving mobility and function.

Charlie has a (Bsc) Degree in Sport & Exercise Rehabilitation which he achieved at Middlesex University in London. He has gained advanced knowledge in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries in a sporting and general environment. With his skills he can provide injury diagnosis, find postural and movement dysfunctions, which may be leading to the issues people are facing.

He uses a number of soft tissue techniques and electrotherapy to treat injuries reducing joint and muscular pain and improving mobility and function. He also provides rehabilitation using stretching and strengthening exercises to help in chosen sport or day to day activities.

Injury prevention advice can also be provided with our ongoing support packages. You don’t have to be injured to see Charlie, he can provide the maintenance work that allows you to feel your best!


State-of-the-art equipment and the knowledge to use it. 

Evolved Health are based in a world-class training facility at Glenmore Business Park, close to the train station. The facility is complete with top of the range strength training equipment from Canadian experts Atlantis. Also available for clients are 2 treatment rooms and mobilisation and warm-up areas. You will find everything you need here to create the change you want in your body. We give you both the space and the #time2change...

Do get in touch for a no-obligation chat and tour of our facility.


Some of the success stories, comments & ratings we’ve received from Facebook & elsewhere.


Evolved Health 5

"Training with Matt introduced me to important concepts such as tempo, time under tension and effective exercise selection. We developed an individual nutritional plan. My initial 12 week training program resulted in Body Fat reduction from 19% to 11%.

These concepts and Matt's nutritional advice have set me up for life. After years of fluctuating Body Fat levels I am now able to keep this at a consistently low level, whilst at the same time increasing muscle mass. 18 months on my weight is as much as when I first started training with Matt but my Body Fat almost 10% less!"

Vicki Poole

Evolved Health 5

Having an auto-immune, and lung condition, I run and ride to maintain lung health and fitness for life, but also for enjoyment.  Having trained through various injuries for years, a good friend recommended Matt to help me recover from a running injury.  He started by treating the injury itself whilst looking at my lifestyle, the way I was training, and built a personalised stretching programme, using ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching techniques, together with weekly Segmental Strengthening PT.

​Matt’s techniques have helped me to transform my approach to my personal fitness, his approaches have helped me to reduce pain, improve recovery times, and increase my ability to exercise and to do the things that I enjoy, which has had a significant impact on my health and happiness as a whole and my ability to live my life the way I want.

Jo Bradshaw

Evolved Health 5

A good friend recommended Matt to help me train for an expedition to climb Everest in April/May 2015. I am an Expedition Leader by trade, a job that needs a high level of fitness but Matt found that my core strength was poor.

Just 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks and I could feel a difference very quickly and found that whilst working on other expeditions, my endurance had increased greatly.

I was strong and ready for Everest 2015 but was caught up with the earthquake that rocked Nepal so my expedition was aborted however I was given the opportunity to climb again in 2016. I then developed a frozen shoulder so Matt adjusted my training to take in to account my decreased mobility, still concentrating on core areas. I went to Everest in March 2016 much stronger and fitter, benefitting hugely from an extra 12 months training.

The work that I did with Matt enabled me to be more confident about my endurance, strength and very importantly my recovery at the end of every day on my 9-week expedition. I reached the summit on 19th May 2016. Thanks Matt!

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